Prices & Payment

Australian Labradoodles & Goldendoodles

All of our puppies are $2750 + 6.225% sales tax ($171.19).
Adoption cost includes:

  • spay/neuter
  • microchip
  • 26 month health guarantee
  • breeder support for the lifetime of your puppy
  • pedigree
  • puppy blanket with litter mates scent for help with the transition
  • training book
  • detailed training class at pick up
  • NuVet vitamin sample/brochure
  • toy
  • vaccination/deworming records
  • bi-weekly pics/video

You Get What You Pay For
Pricing is a hard and touchy issue.  We have put a lot of time, love, and money into purchasing and raising healthy dogs. We aren’t trying to get rich off breeding doodles, they’re our pride and joy, our passion, and we couldn’t be happier with the joy they have brought our own family and love being part of the joy the puppies bring to their families. Even if I was a millionaire I would still have a litter of doodles here and there because they are so smart and such fabulous family pets. We have tried to be fair in the pricing of our puppies. If you’ve done any shopping around in the mini doodle breeds you are familiar with the price range. Sure you can find a labradoodle or goldendoodle for $400-800 but you’d probably be better off to run the other direction. There are many backyard breeders who just throw two dogs together and have a litter of puppies without doing any health testing! There is NO excuse for a breeder to at least do the minimum of OFA hips and PRA/prc-d (eye). In addition, we also do OFA elbows, OFA cardiac, OFA patella, and CERF. As with anything else, there is supply and demand with certain colors and patterns that are more popular or rare, thus those are more expensive. There is also the issue of how you want your puppy raised….ours are born in our livingroom/diningroom and raised in our home until they start eating food at 5-6 weeks old. At that point we move them to our heated/air conditioned garage where they have a large pen to romp and play…..and poop without my house smelling like a barnyard! We do still bring them in the house a few at a time for a couple hours. This still allows them the family home experience and to get used to household noises like the radio, vacuum, tv, and continued socialization with us, our children, and other dogs.


We do require a non-refundable deposit of $500 (via personal check or Chase QuickPay***) to reserve a puppy for you prior to 7 wks of age (the balance of the payment for the puppy is due at 7 wks of age). If you decide to purchase a puppy after 7 weeks of age the entire cost of the puppy is due at the time of reservation (via certified check or Chase QuickPay***). Puppies are not considered SOLD until we have received your deposit. We will accept cash upon pick up of puppy but WILL NOT accept PERSONAL checks! If a life changing event happens and you are no longer able to bring home a puppy you have paid in full for (after 7 wks of age) we will refund half the total purchase price OR you can choose to put the payment towards a puppy in a future litter (within 1 yr). 

***Please note there is an additional 3.5% fee added to electronic transactions via Chase QuickPay, PayPal, Venmo, etc so you will be required to pay that additional fee on top of the price of the payment you’re making as they charge that fee out of the money before we receive payment.