Blessed Day’s Ginger Snap

Ginger is our smallest mini Australian Labradoodle at 13 lbs and 15 inches tall. She’s a little peanut but don’t let her size fool you! She’s a little spit-fire, full of spunk and a social butterfly. She loves everyone, especially her canine buddy Elsa, a Yorkie. Ginger is a carbon copy of her momma, Skylar, also a mini Australian Labradoodle and her grandma, Piper Jane, who lives with us. We adore Skylar and Piper and knew we wanted that comical and playful temperament in our program. Ginger’s grandma, Piper is 11 years old now and just as playful and healthy as ever.

Health Testing
OFA Dr Wallace Hips: Good
OFA Dr. Wallace Elbow: Normal
OFA Patella: Normal
OFA Eye Exam: Normal
PRA (Eye): Clear