About Us

Our Family & Home

We are a Christian, doodle loving, foster-to-adopt, home-schooling family of 7. Australian Labradoodles and Goldendoodles in our program live in our home and are first and foremost our pets. Our dogs are members of our family, sleep in our bedroom as well as travel with us on vacations. We feel very blessed to have the chance to share the labradoodle and goldendoodle breeds with others families through our precious puppies. We take our job of breeding doodles very seriously, specifically the health and socialization aspects, as we strive to produce outstanding doodle companions.The Mueller Family

Breeding History

We began breeding labradors in 2003. Breeding is truly in the family genes as Kyle’s parents and grandparents have bred labs for over three decades. After a few litters of labs we heard about the labradoodle. We did extensive research, specifically on common genetic diseases between the lab and poodle. In addition, we discussed the benefits of hybrid vigor and reducing the risk of breed specific diseases with our vet. With this in mind we decided to have a litter from our health screened lab and poodle, welcoming our first litter of labradoodles January 23, 2005. The most compelling evidence of hybrid vigor was when the puppies were born and immediately began nursing. The labradoodle puppies’ drive was significantly stronger than the labrador. Inasmuch as we loved the labrador retriever, we knew there was no going back, and from then on we bred labradoodles.

Birthing Assistant & Maker of Tinkle Bells

Our eldest daughter, Bella, assists with the dogs in many ways. Bella assists with the delivery, Early Neural Simulation, and socializing the puppies. She’s also the maker of custom Tinkle Bells, braided paracord with silver sleigh bells for you to hang on your door so your puppy can alert you when it needs to go potty.

Sound Desensitizer & Master Socializer

Our son, Finnegan, is the sound desensitizer! He assists with  making sure your puppy is exposed to loud sounds and sudden movements! Finn is always in motion and knows how to wear a puppy out. Piper Jane, one of our retired Australian labradoodle momma’s, and Finnegan are inseparable! Finnegan likes coming up with names for the puppies and thinking of new themes for each litter.

Certified Puppy Handler

Our middle daughter, Irelyn, is in love with the puppies. She carries the puppies around, plays tug-o-war with them, and makes them play “house” and play the role of her dog! Irelyn handles, cuddles and talks to the puppies several times a day. Irelyn is happy to help her dad with the daily feeding chores and poop scooping! She’s not afraid to get dirty and as a matter of fact know’s “who’s who” in the litter without colored collars.

Puppy Nurturer

Our youngest son, Orien, came to us through foster care at the age of 5 years old. He jumped right in, without delay, and instantly took to holding and nurturing the puppies. He truly belongs here and by the grace of God, he officially became our son in 2018. The puppies and this little boy thrive when spending time together.

The Boss

The newest addition to our family, a 2 year old spit fire, also joined us through foster care. In contrast to her small size, she has a big personality and a big love for puppies. “Puppy” was one of her first words followed by “Awww, so cute”. Whenever puppies are in the room, she insists they be in her lap. Our prayer is that this little jewel will be a permanent puppy lover at Blessed Day Doodles by the end of 2019.