Canine Artificial Insemination

Responsible breeding is more than just throwing two dogs together. In addition to passing health testing, the temperament if our dogs is equally important. Pairing two stellar parents is always our goal, two dogs who compliment each other, to produce pups with the great qualities of both parents. When a breeder doesn’t own a compatible male for their female it’s not uncommon for them to seek out a stud from another breeding program to pair with their female. In this case we had the opportunity to bring in new lines and the amazing temperament of an outside boy from another breeder, Melissa Farmer, at Farmer Doodles in Ohio.

We are in Missouri….so to accomplish this it takes quite a few people working together on a very tight schedule! Dogs require progesterone testing to determine where they are at in their cycle to know right when they’re ovulating. (If doing a natural breeding, a male will know when that window is.) But when you’re doing a breeding from states away and using artificial insemination you have to know when the best time is to inseminate the female. The semen of the male was shipped the day before it was ideal to inseminated Holland, the mom of the litter. It’s shipped FedEx overnight and we then we drive the two hours to Columbia to MU to the amazing reproductive vets there. Holland was inseminated on a Saturday. It’s ideal to inseminate twice as it increases the chances of a pregnancy. FedEx is closed on Sunday so semen was collected and overnighted again on Monday and Holland was inseminated again on a Tuesday. Not quite 9 weeks later Holland welcomed 10 precious babies from an artificial insemination! That hectic 8 days of progesterone testing and driving 4 hrs round trip, twice in 4 days was worth these cutie pies! Meet Holland and Kaneki’s Multigen Medium Goldendoodles, “The Campfire Litter”. 

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