VIDEO: Ellie’s Double Doodle Puppies at 3 weeks old

Ellie’s Double Doodles are three weeks old now and just getting active. Chase, the only boy is the biggest. Sophia is the smallest. Rose is the cream girl, and Dorothy and Blanche are the phantom girls. We are excited for the next couple weeks as their personalities begin to emerge.

Gabby’s Double Doodle Puppies at 7 weeks

These guys are go, go, go all the time! They’re so funny and social. No one knows a stranger, they’re just super outgoing and playful, even with cats! They love their toys and each of them will come home with one of the sets of Nylabone keys and the squeaky bear blanket to keep so they have their littermates scents during their adjustment periods in their new homes.

PS – Sorry for all the little people chatter! They love Home Alone so my son is chanting “I’m living alone!” at the end of the video, lol!