VIDEO: Rose’s F1B Mini Goldendoodle Puppies at 6 weeks old

Rose’s f1b mini goldendoodle puppies (the Kennedy litter) were born on Nov 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination so we named the puppies after the Kennedy’s: Jack, Jackie, John Jr, Caroline, Bobby, and Ethel. They are such sweeties, so playful and loving. They LOVE shoes and anything they can chew on and explore. Puppy selection for this litter will begin this weekend, Jan 11-12!

VIDEO: Puppies Playing Outside for the First Time

The puppies have had their first vaccination and it’s had time to get into their system so they got to play outside this weekend!! They had so much fun romping in the grass and running around.

Gabby’s F1B Mini Goldendoodle Puppies – The “Fairies & Toy Story” Litter

Buzz, Woody, Slinky, Rex, Tinkerbell, Glimmer, and Periwinkle are getting more active and ornery every day! They’re so funny romping and growling at each other, hopping like little bunnies and learning they have a voice.