Color Genetics Info

The Value of Genetics

I’ve become absolutely intrigued by genetics in breeding. There’s so much more than just putting two dogs together that comes with breeding. I can generally determine what colors of patterns I will get in a litter because I know what genes the parents carry. Some colors are dominant and others are recessive. Black is a default color. If both parents don’t carry for common colors the default is black. You have to know what your dogs carry or you end up with a bunch of black puppies and for some weird reason black puppies are hard to sell, personally they’re my favorite color, the coat mats less than the other colors because the pigment is different and their coats are so soft and shiny!

Just some basic genetics info for beginners:

Parti markings can only be achieved if both parents carry parti gene.  (White with colored patches on the body).

Merle markings can only be achieved if one parent is a merle and it can be DEADLY to breed two merles to each other as they can produce puppies that can be blind, deaf or even deformed. The merle gene is very complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. A dog can be a merle but not show the speckled pattern too, they’re called a cryptic merle. They’re called cryptic because only black and chocolate coats can show the merling but if a dog is of the red, apricot, cream shades they’re too light to show the speckling and it isn’t visible so they can hide it. If someone was uniformed and didn’t check the background on their dogs they could accidentally breed a cryptic merle to a merle and end up with a lot of sadness on their hands. Sometimes a cryptic merle will show it’s merling in an eye so one who knows how the gene works will know that’s what it means but not all merles have blue eyes so it’s something that can only be detected by a DNA test.

Keira is clearly a merle. The male below is a cryptic merle,
He’s caramel and his merling is only known because of DNA testing. 

Phantom markings (like a Doberman, black or chocolate with tan/cream points) must be carried by both parents.
Hero, a black and cream phantom labradoodle. Patriot, a chocolate and tan phantom male labradoodle.

Cream coloring must be carried by both parents.

Chocolate color must be carried by both parents.

Black is the only color that doesn’t have to be carried by both parents for it to be expressed, it’s default.

If I breed two dogs together that have liver noses (non-black) it is impossible to produce any pups with black noses. All pups will have liver noses and have chocolate and various shades of caramel coats.
Homer, a beige & white parti, is going to Prairie Village, KS to be loved by Josh & Paige!

If I breed a parti colored dog to a noncarrying parti dog I will not get any parti colored puppies even though a parent is a parti because it’s a recessive gene and both parents must carry it for it to be achieved. Many pups in a parti factored litter will have white mismarks on their feet, chest, tail, head, but never will you get a full parti if only one parent carries it.

VIDEO: Puppies Playing Outside for the First Time

The puppies have had their first vaccination and it’s had time to get into their system so they got to play outside this weekend!! They had so much fun romping in the grass and running around.

VIDEO: Tessa’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 6.5 weeks – Juniper, Maple, Falan, & Bear

Tessa’s puppies are active and bouncing little fluff-balls. They’re so funny, just little clowns, running, playing and definitely finding their voices! I love how their temperaments are developing. Tessa has the most fabulous temperament and is such a nurturing mom. She passes her laid back, intelligent, temperament on to her puppies. One of Tessa’s previous puppies is training to be a therapy dog. We have high hopes for Tessa’s puppies!

VIDEO: Miley’s “Happy Days” Litter at 5.5 weeks

Miley’s little peanuts are FINALLY growing, though they look like rats compared to Ellie’s chunky monkeys! They all look SOOO much alike that without looking at the description paper we can’t tell some of the boys apart…mom needs to put colored strings around their neck but that always makes me nervous cause they get their paw caught in it….so maybe nail polish on a different toe…I don’t know!

Potsie has the little white blaze right on the bridge of his nose that is starting to fade. Joanie is the one that is off by herself and goes over to the door and whines and mom makes a noise and she comes running back, she has the flattest coat so she’s easy to spot.
Jenny is the first cream puppy that mom holds up to the camera early on.
At around 3 min into the video both cream puppies are held up right in a row, Richie first, then Jenny.
Fonzie is the one pulling on Potsie’s leg trying to play at around 3:30 into the video.
Ralph has his paws up on mom’s knee and growls at around 3:55 into the video.
Chachi is picked up right after she pets Fonzie….at 4:07 into the video.
Lori-Beth…..looks so much like Ralph but doesn’t have a white spot….ugh!! Mom, get some form of ID for the sextuplet phantoms!

VIDEO: Tessa’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 5 weeks old

“The Boxcar Children” were so aptly named, they totally fit their roles from the chapter book series. It’s about a four orphaned siblings that stick together and take care of one another, that’s these four too. They always stick close together even when given the opportunity to play with the other litter. They are so funny! And fat little things, I just LOVE it! Jessie is full of adventure, Henry is too, all about exploring and socializing, Violet is more mellow, and Benny a laid back little chunk!

VIDEO: Piper’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 4 weeks old

Piper’s peanuts are growing and LOVE food as you’ll see from the video. Esther is an affectionate little girl. Ruth is a mellow and cuddly girl. Solomon is a social and active boy, always curious. Asher is talkative and cuddly. We look forward to the coming week to ten days as their personalities begin to emerge more.

VIDEO – Tessa’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 4 weeks old

Tessa’s Boxcar Children are getting adventurous! They’re so cute and I love the variety of color in the litter. They’re the chubbiest, fluffiest, little rolly pollie’s!! Jessie is one chunky monkey! Benny is a mellow fellow. Violet a vocal drama queen. And Henry a social bug. We are looking forward to the next week to ten days as their personalities emerge even more.


VIDEO: Miley’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 3.5 weeks

The “Happy Days” Litter is getting active and beginning to show a bit of personality and playfulness. Joanie, Jenny, Lori-Beth, Chachi, Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and Richie and eating canned food and will move to softened food over the next couple weeks and finally to dry once their teeth are completely in around 6-7 weeks. We are excited about these little sweeties and know they’ll have great temperaments like their mom, dad, and older siblings.

Gabby’s Double Doodle Puppies at 7 weeks

These guys are go, go, go all the time! They’re so funny and social. No one knows a stranger, they’re just super outgoing and playful, even with cats! They love their toys and each of them will come home with one of the sets of Nylabone keys and the squeaky bear blanket to keep so they have their littermates scents during their adjustment periods in their new homes.

PS – Sorry for all the little people chatter! They love Home Alone so my son is chanting “I’m living alone!” at the end of the video, lol!

Gabby’s Double Doodle Puppies at almost 6 weeks

These little clowns are always on the move! They’re so full of energy and love, always licking and kissing, cuddling and chewing, just playful little fur balls. Cruiser is curious and usually finds a way out of the play area, Cassin is always checking out something new, and loves the shoe pile! Pearl is an explorer and is a confident little girl. Harbor is a HUGE momma’s boy, very loyal and wants to be with his people all the time. Raleigh and Franklin are very similar, they explore for a bit but come back to their human quickly to check in, they don’t like to stray far and are cuddlers.