Australian Multigen Mini/Medium Labradoodle Testimonials

Judy and I are senior citizens and now proud owner’s of two Blessed Day Doodles. Bosley, a standard F1B came to
us in March of 2011, and Brandi, a miniature Australian Labradoodle, joined the family in late August of 2011. Both dogs came from Tera’s home. Bosley now weighs in at 85 pounds and Brandi at 20. From day one, the two have been inseparable. Brandi is quick as a cat and runs just as fast as the Boz. She is an athlete to say the least. She is a high energy dog who entertains us by terrorizing Bosley and our 3 indoor and 2 outdoor cats. They have been apart only one night, and that because of the surgery to spay Brandi. Bosley went into mourning while she was gone. He didn’t want to eat and just laid around.

Both dogs are very bright, but Brandi controls the play. They play tug of war and she gets dragged all over the house, but she won’t let go. She naps pressed right up against the big lug, and he loves every minute of it. He is our gentle giant of 85 lb. They are a striking pair as they take their walks. People always stop and ask about their heritage, and our veterinarian’s are learning about the breed as well.

Brandi is a “phantom ” and one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen. She came to us mostly black with tan legs and mane. She is now 9 months old, and the silver is creeping into her coat. Her ears are still black, but the coat is getting lighter. As I said, she is also one of the quickest dogs I have ever been around. She must have some cattle dog in her. When she jumps off of a davenport or a bed, she launches herself like she is diving off of a dock. Eight or nine feet is nothing for her. The miniature Australian labradoodle is a high energy dog that is as sociable as a dog can be. You will never go wrong with a dog from Tera and her Blessed Day Doodles.

Judy & Phil
Brandi (Ruby x Huck) and Bosley (Addie x Pinto)
Crescent, IA

Cooper has become a great member of the family.  We were very nervous about getting a dog as we had never had one before and my husband’s asthma was a very big concern for us.  Happy to say that there are no allergy issues in this house!  Cooper is an extremely smart dog.  You really only have to show him something once or twice and he get’s it.  He uses bells to go outside and is free to roam the house at night.  He loves to be around people.  He rarely barks and is great with the kids.  His tail is always wagging!  We can’t imagine life without him.  Thanks again.
Jess, Mike & Family
Hudson, MA

Bear lives with his family in Lincoln, NE!Our family purchased “Bear” from Blessed Day Doodles in 2011 when he was a nine week old pup. We fell in love with him immediately and he has fit right into our family. Bear has a apricot-carmel colored coat with long shaggy hair and we receive comments all the time on how adorable he is. Bear is full of energy but also super smart and kids can’t get enough of this well natured dog.
Two of the reasons we decided to purchase a miniature labradoodle was for their smaller size and their “hypoallergenic” coat. Blessed Day Doodles was upfront and honest answering all our questions regarding these issues and we are very happy to report that even with his long hair, Bear does not shed and our children with allergies/ asthma have not had issues with his coat. We also appreciate that Bear has grown no larger than the size estimated at Blesssed Day when we purchased him.
Our experience with Blessed Day Doodles was a pleasant one and we couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family.

Andrea, John, & Family
Lincoln, NE

Our two mini Australian labradoodles, Bengie and Yadi have brought so much joy into our lives. Everything about them is wonderful, from their personalities to their perfect size. There is so much love and playfulness packed into their 23 and 27 pound bodies! Without a doubt, most of that comes from excellent breeding and care during those first few weeks as a new puppy.

Gina and Doug
Des Peres, MO
Bengie and Yadi

We adopted Grover in September of 2011. This is the first time we have had an inside dog and two years without having any pets. We had tried a shelter dog a year ago and she was older and came with emotional problems. We were so sad but had to take the dog back. The Mueller’s were so patient to answer all our questions as we were very cautious from our last experience. Grover has adjusted great to our family and we can’t imagine life without him. He was so easy to crate train and potty train. He just rings the bells at the door if he wants to go out. He is very smart and always wanting to please. That has made training easy. He can sit, shake, and stay on command. He loves to go for walks. We love him so much! Thank you for making the process so easy.

Paige, Scott, and Family
Harrisonville, MO

Here is Olivia, best pup in the word, at almost 9 months.  Olivia is the perfect family dog.  She is sweet, affectionate and playful.  She is gentle and mellow.  Training was very easy.  When she needs to go, she rings the bells that hang from the door.  She did very well at obedience school.  Thank you Mueller’s for a wonderful dog!

Laney, Lars, & Family
Plano, TX

I have so many wonderful things to say about Mueller’s Blessed Day Doodle Pups. We were in the process of looking for a Labradoodle. After doing research online we happened to find Mueller Pups. I called Tera right away with my long list of questions. She was very willing to answer all of my questions in detail. She also helped us pick the perfect dog for our family. I told her what we were looking for and which dogs we were looking at. She then told us which dog she thought would be best for us. We bought Perry and she shipped him to us. He was safe and sound when he arrived at the airport. Perry is now almost 5 months old. We have had him for 2 months. He is potty trained and he is getting better abount nipping and jumping. He is such a wonderful dog. We love him so muchl! We couldn’t be happier with him and the process of buying a Labradoodle from the Mueller’s.

Joe, Garnett, Aden, & Mia
Riverside, CA

Rocko, a Piper x Breezy puppy, owned by Vicki and Tom in Lumberton, NJ.Hello Mueller Family,
Rocko has definitely gotten all settled in and is very comfortable in our home.  He is slowly getting use to other dogs – of all sizes.  He still is more of a people person and greets everyone enthusiatically!  He is such a smart little guy – he is already sitting on command and listening to other commands.  He is fully housetrained which is wonderful.  We still have a gate up to stop him from going upstairs because he likes to play with the boy’s stuffed animals.  He also cannot come down the flight of stairs yet – I think they scare him a little.  He loves our nightly walks and will run to the door when I get his leash.  We finally heard him bark – when the boys were playing with him and stopped – he barked because he still wanted to play – LOL. We have had such a great experience from the moment we first contacted you about Rocko.  The transition to our home from yours was very easy for all of us.  Rocko is such a smart dog and a great addition to our family.  We could not have asked for a better experience or a better dog.  He is healthy, happy, and obedient.  We are looking forward to a lifetime of companionship with Rocko.

Vicki & Tom
Lumberton, NJ

Zoe, a Piper x Breezy girl, lives in New Virginia, Iowa with her fabulous family.Hi Tera,
Just wanted to give you an update on Zoe. She is doing great and is as cute as can be.  She is super smart, very playful and loves playing with our kids.  She had a checkup last weekend and weighs 10.5 lbs. She already is getting adult teeth and we will be scheduling her spay in June. She is doing great. My youngest one which will be 2 in another 2 weeks loves her and they play with each other a lot. I keep telling Matt she seems like she would be a great agility dog that runs and jumps through things. She is so fast, agile and smart! Can’t wait to see new pictures posted of the litters.

Take care,
Jodi, Matt & Family
New Virginia, IA

Colby, an Addie x Pinto boy, lives in Bridgeton, NJ with his wonderful family.Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that Colby is awesome. House training was exceptionally easy. Colby is doing great. He travels everywhere with us and has staked his claim in the passenger seat.The boys love him so much. We take Colby to baseball with us, he has become quite a celebrity at the ball field. He was kind of so so in the water. We were at a friend’s house, they breed Chesapeakes, he followed the youngest female into the pool and wasn’t sure what to do once he was in. He wound up back in the water 4 or 5 more times that day but didn’t seem to really love it. Perhaps somewhere he can walk in and out of the water would have been a better place to start.

Riley has found some youth again, she is playing again and just having so much fun with Colby. Honestly can’t get over how pleased I am with the breed and temperament of Colby. He has made our daily grind so much more pleasing.

Thank you again, hope all is well.

Bridgeton, NJ

Foster, a Sydney x Pinto boy, he lives in Memphis with his fabulous owners.Dear Mueller family,
I would like to apologize for taking so long to write you. I have been dreading writing this e-mail to you because Foster is such an AMAZING puppy that I don’t think I could fit everything in one letter that I would like to say. I guess it is best to start from the beginning; as you know, when we first picked up Foster we had a long drive to get back to Memphis and he was an angel the entire time. He laid in the backseat playing with his toys and was so happy to find his new home. Since then, he loves being in the car and going with me wherever I go. Just the other day, he joined me as I went to get some Chinese take-out food and to pick my cousin up from school. We immediately had him enrolled in puppy training school at PetSmart, where he excelled.  He will be returning to school soon so that he can be further trained, but at the moment he knows how to sit, lie down, stay, come, shake, and roll over. I have not been too concerned about further schooling because he is SUCH a good dog. He has not destroyed anything in the house! No eating of the furniture, walls, blinds, shoes, and more. The one habit he did have was to eat socks, but we broke that habit in him quickly. He quickly ingrained himself as a member of our family, and he has a very close, almost dependent relationship with us. He loves to be around my sister and me, sleeping by our feet or joining us on the couch to watch a little TV. While he does not love to be in the backyard for that long of time (he will lay by the door ready to be let in), he loves heading out to Shelby Farms Off-Leash dog park. The park has acres and acres of land and multiple lakes for him to cool off in. We try to go 2 or 3 times per week (if not he gets a nice long walk). The park gives him a chance to socialize with other dogs and just have fun and break loose. He still is very good at the park though, never going too far from me, and always following if its time to walk away. He loves to be in the water, but has not yet attempted to swim. He will walk as far in as possible and turn around. I think that once the weather warms up a little more, I will take him to my parents pool and bring him in the pool with me and let him learn to swim. Most importantly, Foster has become my constant companion. Even at the moment, he is sitting by my feet. He goes everywhere with me, and just 2 weeks ago got to go on his first camping trip in Huntsville, Alabama. He loved the hours of hiking and seeing all of the beauty of nature around him!

I think I will cut myself off there for the stories. There is still so much more I want to say but it will have to wait for another email. Attached are a couple of my favorite pictures of our beautiful labradoodle!

Thanks so much,

Hi Tera, Thought I would send out a picture of Sophie. I would love for all to read about and see Sophie. She is the best. She brings us such joy and makes us laugh for some cute thing she does every day. Everyone that meets her comments on what a beautiful dog she is. People have actually pulled over on the side of the road to comment on her and ask “what kind of dog is that ” She has such a great disposition. My 10 year old son practices his wrestling moves on her and she just lies there with a smile on her face. She loves the car, she’s my errand companion. Another little tidbit which I never really thought about before getting a dog. She barely barks, it’s an added bonus. We have some dogs in the neighborhood who bark constantly, so it’s nice to not have that. OK here she is!

Thanks, Lesley
Wyckoff, NJ
Sophie (f1b female labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Ruby, an f1b mini/medium labradoodle.Hi Mueller’s, My cousin took this picture of Ruby over the 4th on July and I just thought it was a great shot of her!  She is doing very well, and we are taking her to obedience classes and she is doing wonderful!!  Everyone in class comments on what a pretty dog she is!  Our girls lover her dearly and play with her constantly!  Hope you had a great 4th!
John, Amy, Lyla & Brinley
Ozark, MO
Ruby (f1b female mini labradoodle- Sydney x Buddy)

Abe, an f1b standard labradoodle.Tera, I can confidently say that a labradoodle must be the most perfect dog in the world!  Abe is the friendliest dog I’ve ever been around. It amazes me how gentle he is with children. This is even more impressive because we don’t have children yet, so its not like he’s grown up with children around.  I have a 2-yr old niece who thinks he is her own teddy bear.  When she visits from out of town, she pulls his tail, his hair, falls all over him, takes things from him and Abe NEVER misses a beat.  For him to be so young, I worried he might be rough with a toddler, no way!  Even my dad, who lives by the motto “A dog is a dog and you never know what they may do”  trusts his precious grandchild with this 65-lb gentle giant.  He has claims he’s never seen a dog be so good with kids. I know how rough Abe can be because I play tug-of-war with him.  Knowing how strong he is makes it even more impressive how he dials it back when he’s around kids. And he is unbelievably smart.  We enrolled him in Petco’s puppy class at 12 wks.  The teacher was speechless with how quickly Abe picked up the training.  The classes were supposed to be an hour long, but we were always gone in 30 because Abe mastered the tricks so quickly.  The teacher was most impressed with his ability to stay on command and continue sitting even when we left the room, until we gave him the command to ‘come’.  Sitting in one place for several minutes is hard for any dog when his master is out of sight, but for a 12-week old puppy that’s almost unheard of!  Now I’m not saying we demand this behavior at home, in fact I’m probably too lenient.  Standing on his hind legs Abe is the same height as me, so I love giving him hugs this way, but it’s a bad habit and makes him jump up on me when I get home. And to top all of this off, he doesn’t shed.  I mean not at all!  I shed more hair than he does!  What I didn’t realize about labradoodles is that they never stink either.  It’s amazing, he plays outside all day long and comes in at night and doesn’t stink like most dogs would.  And his coat always stays clean, it’s like his fur repels the dirt and smell!  We rarely bathe him because he always seems clean. Everybody who has met Abe, dog lovers and not so much, have all fallen in love with him. I’m not sure if it’s the friendliness, the cuddliness, or the non-shedding non-stinking qualities, but whatever it is has made him a very popular pup.  I will never own another breed of dog!  And thank you for taking the time to breed such wonderful dogs!
Angela & Jeffrey
Memphis, TN
Abe (f1b male labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Groucho, an f1b standard labradoodle.Hi Tera, I just wanted to drop a line to say Happy New Year to you and yours, and to let you know that we had Groucho in for his one year check-up last week and he weighs a whopping 75 pounds!  He has gotten so big I can’t believe it, and has such long legs, he’s like a miniature pony.  Also, I was reading your website and was reading the bio of his dad Murphy today.  When I read the part about how he loves to give hugs I laughed out loud!  I couldn’t figure out why Groucho is such a hugger until I read that.  He will not only stand up and put his paws on my shoulders (he’s as tall as I am!) to hug me, but he also wraps his front paw around my calves and hugs me too, so I guess he got that from his dad.  It’s so funny how those things seem to get passed on through the genes or something.  He is such a lovable guy and is the best dog I’ve ever had, and that’s really saying a lot. Yesterday we visited the movie set that my husband is working on right now, and everyone was going crazy over him and couldn’t believe how big he is.  He’s just a big, lovable lug and everyone who meets him is crazy about him! I was just looking at all the adorable puppies you have available.  I’m not seriously considering another one right now, but I just wanted to let you know that after having Groucho for over a year now, my husband actually said last week that he wants another labradoodle puppy.  This may not sound so unusual, seeing as what great dogs they are, but this is coming from a man who told me that after our dog Murphy died, that we were absolutely not getting any more dogs.  Of course, I sweet-talked him into Groucho in a weak moment, and now HE  said “let’s get another one!!”  I couldn’t believe it-he’s said for the last few years “no more dogs”.  Until Groucho came along and absolutely swept him (and me) off of our feet. It really speaks volumes about how wonderful a dog Groucho is that my husband would even consider another one.  Maybe in the future we will take the plunge again.  In the meantime, I enjoy seeing all the new puppies on your website. Thanks again for raising such wonderful dogs Tera.
Take care, Siobhan
Glendale, CA
Groucho (f1b male labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Coal, an f1b standard labradoodle.Tera, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how wonderful Coal is.  He is now just over a year old and is the most amazing dog.  He has an excellent temperament and is so good with the kids.  He lets them pull on him and climb on him without getting upset at all.  People find this totally amazing as he is such a HUGE dog!  While he only weighs 65 lbs., he is very tall!  His favorite activity is school pickup.  He loves to go up to the school and be petted by all the children!  While he is black, there is a lot of the brown from him Mom coming through, especially in his beard. I have been happy to sing your praises to all, as wsae have been thrilled with our puppy from you!
Thanks again, Heather, Rick and Family
Wyckoff, NJ
Coal (f1b male labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Finnegan, an f1b medium phantom labradoodle.Dear Tera, I don’t even know where to start.  Finnegan is the best dog I have ever owned.  At 11 months he stands 21 ½ inches at the shoulder and weighs about 40 pounds.  He is remarkably agile and delicate (poodle).  If he jumps on one of us in his excitement he doesn’t bowl us over the way a Lab might.  His tail wags incessantly, but has not yet swept the Legos off the table orwhacked a kid in the face.  He’s very smart and easy to train.  Each time he comes in the house he waits on the rug for me to wipe the snow from his paws and beard.  He has learned to open the rolling cupboard where we keep his food and each time I put on my coat to leave he goes directly to his kennel without being told – even when others are still at home!!  He follows me all around the house throughout the day, settling in whatever room I happen to be working.  At this moment is his lying at my feet while I type.  He is definitely MY dog. Finn loves the dog park.  It’s several acres along the river with trails and woods.  This fall he was just beginning to act as if he might try to swim.  Usually he prefers to step in for a drink and a splash but won’t follow the kids beyond the shallow point.  We’ll see what happens next summer.  He loves other dogs, kids and snow.  We take him sledding in an isolated (car free) area of the park and he goes nuts until the snow packs to ice between the pads on his paws at which time he limps pathetically until we chisel it out. There is one thing Todd and I don’t get…this dog never chews on anything but his own toys.  There is a huge variety of boots on the floor at the back door.  He could easily take his pick at any time, but he doesn’t.  In fact, there are toys and backpacks and all kinds of things lying around my house that he could destroy in seconds, but he doesn’t and never has.  His worst infraction so far was the strap of a Croc.  Interestingly, he chewed it last fall while I was out of town for the weekend.  The kids swear he missed me. Every day we marvel at how much we love him and wonder how we could have gone so long without a dog after our last one died.  I would say my biggest concern before we got him was that he might get too big.  I can say without hesitation he is the PERFECT size.  He’s big enough to play rough and go for a run, but not bullish in the house knocking things over. People stop us all the time to tell us how beautiful he is and ask about the breed.  It has become a joke for us and sometimes, when Todd is feeling ornery, he tells people Finn is a Rottendoodle (rottweiler/poodle) because of his unique markings.  Even my dad, an old farm boy who believes dogs belong outside, likes this dog! OK – enough.  I could go on and on.  Thank you for loving your animals and breeding such high quality pups.  If you ever have potential clients in Minnesota feel free to use us as a reference.
Happy New Year!
Minneapolis, MN
Finnegan (f1b male mini-medium labradoodle – Sydney x Buddy)

Luke and Duke, f1b medium labradoodles and littermates.Hi Tera, We were excited to see Luke and Duke on your website.  We will get a picture of the two of them together.  Luke weighs about 25 pounds and Duke is a whopping 39.  They are cute but many are not convinced they are from the same litter!  They have recently been neutered and went to the groomer for the 1st time on Saturday.  The groomer was amazed by their great temperaments and commented on how beautiful they are. They have full run of the hockey rink where the boys play and they love all the kids.  They walk everyday 3 miles with me and are so easy going.  We could not have asked for sweeter dogs! We are so pleased and happy they have become apart of our family!

Sandy, Joe, Ben, Matt, Little Luke, and Duke
San Diego, CA
Luke and Duke (2 f1b male mini-medium labradoodles – Sydney x Buddy)

Tera, I cannot say THANK YOU enough for breeding such wonderful dogs!!!  Koa is everything and more than what I was looking for.  He is now 30 lbs of brown curl and wow is he cute!  Everywhere I go, everyone asks about him.  He has the most beautiful coat and such a terrific personality.  A friend of mine told another friend about him and she contacted me and wanted to know all about him.  Koa is terrific with the kids but he follows me everywhere.  He even follows me into the shower and jumps in a few times a week.  He prefers showers to baths and loves the water. My husband has said many times, “Wow, he is really smart!” He is such a great dog and is starting to like other dogs as much as he likes people. I don’t know about your other dogs but he does not bark very often. This is a trait we love.  As we had a non barking dog in our last dog.  It is so wonderful that you take the time to catch up on your puppies, I will and have already recommended Mueller Pups to a few people.

Take care, Erin
Iron Station, NC
Koa (f1b male labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Gracie, an f1b medium labradoodle.Hi, Just a note to say Merry Christmas to you and your family. Here is a picture of Gracie at eleven months. It is so hard to believe she is almost a year old. Once again, I can’t say enough about what a great dog she has been. She is a great addition to our family. The grandkids really love her, and she loves them a lot to.  She cries when they leave. I am so grateful that I ran across your website. I could not have asked for a better dog. She is well behaved and so lovable! Have a great holiday season.

Patty & Stan
Belleview, MO
Gracie (f1b female mini-medium labradoodle – Sydney x Buddy)

Teddie, an f1b medium sable labradoodle.Hi Tera… I’ve attached a recent picture of Teddie.  As you can see, he’s the picture of health…Bless my little boy!  No matter where I go with him I am stopped constantly…I feel like I am walking with a big celebrity…People stop what they are doing to come and play and pet him…People have even stopped in their cars to see him…He brings smiles to every face that sees him.  He’s made friends with almost all the dogs in the neighborhood.  He does get dirty…but bath time is a favorite of his…He’s been playing in the kiddie pool with my granddaughter.  He sure is a good little pup!  He’s eating well and gets along famously with my two cats, sleeps well too. He’s just the perfect addition to my family!  Several people here have inquired about your pups.  I’ve passed along your website info to them and told them to call you.  Seems everyone wants a Teddie and the non-shedding factor is a big deal with folks.  I do hope to see him up on your website.  My grandchildren keep looking for his pictures. Best to you and your family….and all the pups.

Garden City, NY
Teddie (f1b male mini-medium labradoodle -Sydney x Buddy)

Henri and Alfie, f1b labradoodle brothers.Tera, Well yesterday I was allowed to take Henri back on his walks since his neutering. I am telling you no kidding I had 4 people tell me, what a beautiful dog, what a gorgeous dog, what a good looking dog, he is so cute what is he??? Tera, Henri is something else. Not only is he a beautiful dog he is friendly and smart. And his personality is something. Just looking at him makes you smile. Have a nice weekend.

Julie, Mark & Oliver
Newport Beach, CA
Henri (Addie x Murphy) & Alfie (Sydney x Murphy) – f1b male labradoodles

Maggie, an f1b labradoodle and Simon, an f1 goldendoodle.Tera, We are so glad we found your website when researching doodles!  We didn’t just find a great dog, we found a new family member!  Maggie is goofy and loveable and makes us laugh all the time.  She’s so eager to be with us that she can’t quite sit still when we pet her, she gets so excited that she waggles her whole body and winds up chasing her tail! She is very smart and has learned tons of commands…(although there ARE a few she chooses not to obey at times!)  She is so very good with the kids, we are constantly amazed at her temperament.  The fact that she doesn’t shed is a bonus! We love keeping in touch with you and seeing what’s new at Mueller Pups from your website.  Please let us know if we can ever provide a reference, we are happy to talk about our experience and satisfaction!
Lisa & Dave
Rochester, NY
Maggie (f1b female labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Griffyndor, an f1 black labradoodle.Hi Tera,
Griffyndor is such a super fabulous guy!!!  He is going to obedience classes at Pete and Mac’s in Lee’s Summit and he is just the star of the class.  Everyone adores him.  I had to go to the pet store and get a “colossal” dog kennel, made for ginormous dogs.  He has a lovely poodle body shape, and a gorgeous face.  However, he does continue to soar to new heights.  He weighs 73 pounds, and is about 28 inches at the shoulder.  He is so amazing easy to train.  Smart as can be and just really wants to make you happy.He is extremely protective of us.  He can hear anything outside at night and is the first to kick butt.  We had someone try to break into our sliding door in the back yard about a month ago.  Griff heard them and ran to the door.  He didn’t start barking till his giant body hit the glass door and he has a super vicious bark.  Must’ve scared the guy to death.  Whatever he was using to pick the lock cut deeply into the metal and he hauled off never to be seen again.  The police said Griff was the best protection we could ask for. Anyway, we adore him and can’t ever express what a perfect addition he has been to our family.
Amye & Family
Lee’s Summit, MO
Gryffindor (f1 male labradoodle – Molly x Murphy)

Kaya and Clara, f1b labradoodles enjoying a swim!Tera, These are updated pictures of Kaya and Clara. They are growing so much! They are just wonderful and they love to play as you can see by  the pictures! I just love to watch them together. I though you might like to see their progress, they are so beautiful and so happy! They  have been a great addition to our family. Thanks again!
Eric & Kristen
Boaz, AL
Kaya and Clara (f1b female labradoodles – Addie x Murphy & Sydney x Murphy)

Hi Tera! Our puppies are great!!  Before we got Quigley and Tilly, Bill and I had never met a labradoodle… now we couldn’t imagine ever having a different breed!  They are so much fun, so lovable, and so affectionate.  Our male, Quigley, tends to be a little more sensitive, although he loves to be outside playing fetch (actually, its usually more like keep-away) or swimming in the summer.  And our female, Tilly, loves to play all the time.  She is so athletic- we throw her a ball or frisbee and she can catch just about anything.  I have included some pictures so you can see how they have grown.  Both are very healthy and happy dogs, and we are lucky to have them. I hope things are going well with you and all your puppies!

Jessie & Bill
Rome, NY
Quigley (f1 male labradoodle – Molly x Murphy) Tilly (f1 female labradoodle – Molly x Murphy)

Rex, an f1b black labradoodle.Hi Tera, Rex has a beautiful, non-shedding coat and we have had no  problems with my son’s allergies since getting him!   Rex is a great puppy.  He is smart, friendly and fun and so good!  Everyone who meets Rex loves him.  He is happy and extremely calm for a puppy.   And very cute, too! If anyone ever asks for a referral, I would be happy to recommend you.  Thanks for such a great addition to our family. Happy Holidays!

Sandi, Mike, and Family
North Andover, MA
Rex (f1b male labradoodle – Sydney x Murphy)

Illy, an f1 chocolate labradoodle.Hi Tera, Happy New Year! I just wanted to update you on Illy and to let you know how happy she makes our family.  She is sweet and loving, we could not have asked for a better dog.  She has a great temperament, she LOVES all people and is great with other animals and children. She is very energetic.  We often catch her in the backyard running laps at super speed all by herself (wish I could send you a picture of that).  She runs with me and 3 or 4 miles is just a warm up for her.  She is crazy about water – we can’t go near water unless she is going in for a swim.  She can also be lazy.  She loves to sit on our laps while we read or watch tv, then grunts and refuses to get up when we want to.  She has learned her manners with the help of training classes.  She is a perfect fit for our family and every day she makes us happy.  Hope you have a great year. I have included a few pictures from her Christmas “photo shoot”.

Thanks, Brian and Cindy
Selden, NY
Illy (f1 female labradoodle – Lexi x Murphy)

Keiko just finished her first puppy class last week. She is doing very well with her sit and down.  Hopefully, the stay command will come with time.  She is a good walker and likes to follow Tasha’s lead. Last week we had our first snow and Keiko loved trying to catch the huge flakes out of the air.  The girls couldn’t stop laughing at her, it was a sight!  She has settled in well and we all love her very much.  Her coat is just amazingly soft and easy to keep up. Here are a couple of pictures so you can see how much she has grown.

Trina, Jason & Family
New Prague, MN
Keiko (f1b female labradoodle – Sydney x Murphy)

Bella, an f1b labradoodle.Tera,
Bella is so wonderful and we love her so much – especially my youngest son as you will see in the attached picture.  It’s not the best picture of her, but I will definitely send more soon.  We have begun training her and the trainer says she is so smart and so sweet that she wants a Bella of her own. Thank you for everything.  We are definitely happy with our newest family addition.
Kelly, Curt & Family
Lake Forest, CA
Bella (f1b female labradoodle – Sydney x Murphy)

Daisy, an f1b labradoodle and Tyson, an f1 labradoodle.Tera, Here is a picture of Tyson and Daisy.  They are great dogs and have amazing personalities. Daisy fit right in with Tyson, it’s hard to believe we ever had just one!   We love them very much.  They are just a joy to have around the house.  They are very friendly, energetic and nearly inseparable.
Thank you so much, Fiona
San Francisco, CA
Tyson (f1  male labradoodle – Molly x Murphy) Daisy (f1b female labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Tera, At long last… you finally get to see what Molly looks like… she is BEAUTIFUL!! We have people stop us all the time to ask us what kind of dog she is and where she came from. Molly has been an absolute delight. She is so well behaved, and is always the life of the party. Everyone, including us, LOVES her to pieces. Hope you are well!

The Christie Family
Gainsville, Virginia
Molly (f1b female labradoodle – Sydney x Murphy)

Tucker, an f1b standard labradoodle.Tera:
Tucker has been so much fun! He celebrated his first birthday with doggie ice cream and a trip to the pet store to get a toy. He’s not very spoiled! He loves to ride in the car and he knows when he goes to the drive thru at the bank they are going to give him a treat.
He is very lovable and is always wanting hugs and kisses. He loves to go to the doggie park and play with the other dogs, in fact we were there the other day and there were two other labradoodles that looked just like him! They all had a lot of fun playing together.
He takes me for a walk every day so that we get some exercise. He was very easy to train and now has the run of the house when we are gone. Also- he doesn’t shed!!
He got to meet Max (From your last litter). Max only lives about a block away. The woman who got Max from you used to stop me all of the time when I was taking Tucker for a walk and ask me about him.  We are so excited that there is another doodle in the neighborhood.
We are so happy to have him and he is a great addition to our family. I would gladly recommend one of these pups to anyone. Good luck with all the litters!
Ed, Tammy, and kids
Olathe, KS
Tucker (f1b male labradoodle – Sydney x Murphy)

Zeva and Harley, f1b labradoodle littermates.Hi Kyle and Tera, The pups are doing just great. They did real well on their flight to California, crating them both together, I think really helped. I am so glad we decided on two. It’s just been easier all the way around, they entertain and train each other. And with us both working during the day they keep each other company. These dogs are very smart and easy to train. Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction!
Take care, Gene & Debra
Livermore, CA
Harley and Zeva (f1b male & female labradoodles – Addie x Murphy)

Damien absolutely loves Callie.  She has been such a great addition to the family.  Her personality fits with all the other animals around here.  She is full of energy and loves to chase the cats around the house.  We feel lucky to have found such a loving dog.  Thanks so much.

Steven, Michelle & Damien
Citrus Springs, FL
Callie (f1b female labradoodle – Addie x Murphy)

Sophie, an f1b standard labradoodle and Simon, an f1 medium labradoodle.Happy 2010! And Congratulations on your baby boy!  Sophie and Simon continue to be an added joy to our empty-nest life, now that the 4 kids have lives of their own (yes, this too shall happen to you sooner than you can imagine).  One-year-old Simon will retrieve until he drops, and spends his day finding balls and dropping them at our feet as if we have nothing else to do.  He is wonderful off-leash and never strays far from our side except to herd his sister back from chasing a squirrel. He has so much personality, and constantly makes us laugh. Three-year-old Sophie is our gentle soul.  She is the one that loves to spend her time snuggling next to anyone human and being scratched under her chin hours on end. She is extremely good with other dogs and she loves to simply play tag.  Grab the toy and run. But her real passion is to hunt—-squirrel being her main prey, followed closely by cats.  She must get this from her mother.  Thank you again for the gift of your wonderful dogs.  They are so different, but each so uniquely wonderful.

Marcia & Rob
Kansas City, MO
Sophie (f1b labradoodle, Sydney x Murphy) Simon (f1 labradoodle, Lexi x Murphy)

Hello, We bought Leroy  from you back in very late July.  Well, I just wanted to send in some pictures that we have with a little update. He is just the cutest. We couldn’t be happier. Leroy is all legs like his dad Murphy…and uses them to his advantage. He loves to just sit and watch you with a head tilt here and there,…I can only imagine what he is thinking. Leroy loves to play tug of war…the toy suddenly appears in your face with no choice not to participate. His favorite thing is to sleep on his back…what a lovely image that is?! He loved the snow we got a couple of weeks ago…he was just prancing and jumping – .thought for a minute he was a reindeer. We have the Christmas tree up – he is a little curious what it is, but have yet to knock it over. Overall, he is an amazing dog. The compliments we get when we take him out are crazy. We bought a house over Thanksgiving (still in the Overland Park area,) which gave him a fenced in yard and many new friends to sniff. He is a happy puppy… But, thank you again for Leroy…I check your website often to see the new pups. I am sure one day we would love to give Leroy a friend… I hope you and your family have a fabulous holiday and a great new year!

Sincerely, John, Erin, & Leroy
Overland Park, KS
Leroy (f1b male labradoodle – Sydney x Murphy)