Mini Goldendoodle Testimonials

Dear Tera,

It has been one year since Lilly (Lucy) was born. I remember when we decided to purchase a F1B goldendoodle and the research that we did to find the perfect breeder. We choose you because the dogs are family dogs and you have children that love the puppies from day one. We contacted you and were placed on the waiting list. You were always available to answer any questions before and after we brought Lilly home. It was so exciting to meet you and the puppies and choose our forever furbaby. Based on your recommendation on temperment and personality, Lucy was our new family member. We changed her name to Lilly and she is wonderful. We are empty nesters and travel to visit our our children and granchildren. Lilly is great in the car and is wonderful with people of all ages. I have COPD and could not have a dog that sheds. Lilly does not shed and I brush her a couple of times a week to prevent any tangles. She is very smart and it wasn’t long after we brought her home at 8wks that she knew to ring the bell on the door to go outside to do her business. She is eager to please and loves to be around people. Thank you for the love and care that you and your family provided for her in her first weeks to make her the loving dog that she is.

Scott and Linda – Lilly (f1b mini goldendoodle: Gabby x Cash)
Brownville, NE

Bear, an f1b mini goldendoodle.Hi Kyle and Tera –

Thank you so much for keeping in touch!  Roarke and I appreciate the well wishes – both on Bear’s birthday and on the New Year.  We still follow your website and see that Gabby and Buddy just had a new litter!  They are so adorable!  We dream of getting another one some day, but still love to follow the new babies – they are just too wonderful!
We cannot tell you how much we absolutely adore Bear.  She is the smartest and most wonderful dog.  She loves to cuddle and constantly makes us laugh out loud.  We honestly cannot imagine our lives without her!  She is such a joy to us, and we are so thankful to have her!  Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs, and for loving them so much before they come home to us.

Thanks again for keeping in touch, and, of course, for Bear! Here are a few more pictures of Bear — she was a bumble bee on Halloween!! Thanks again for everything! Also, I saw on the website that you guys added another baby yourselves — congratulations!!!

Take care,
Molly & Roarke
Bear (f1b mini goldendoodle – Gabby x Buddy)

Jersey, a 1 yr old f1b mini goldendoodle.We can’t tell you enough how much we love Jersey!  She is so lovable and smart.  She has been VERY easy to train.  She knows several tricks and impresses everyone she meets.  She doesn’t know a stranger! Even her groomer says how well behaved she is and always calls her a sweetheart! She loves playing outdoors and always has tons of energy.  She makes us laugh daily!  Everyone who meets her is always inquiring about her and we refer them to your website.  She is around 15-18 lbs right now and we think that is pretty much full grown.  Thank you for grooming such great dogs and being a great breeder.  I’ve always felt comfortable emailing you and asking you any type of puppy question and you always provide feedback quickly. I also love that after we picked out our puppy you stayed in contact sending us weekly pictures and videos of her until it was time to pick her up and take her home.  I think that is very unique in a breeder.  Thanks again!

Brandon and Lana
Clinton, MO
Jersey (f1b mini goldendoodle – Gabby x Buddy)

Gus, an f1b sable mini goldendoodle.Hi Tera!!!  So great to hear from you!  I hope all is well in your family!  We are just so in love with Gus!  He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier!  He and Ellie are best friends and play constantly…you were right in saying that he would need a playmate…he gets bored really quick!  He loves the great outdoors…he is always sticking his face in the sprinklers, rolling in the dirt, eating sticks and sprinting around!  He even took a swim last weekend at my in-laws pool!  He cracks us up daily…he has the best personality…very laid back and lovable but very vocal!  I think he is around 22-25lbs…he is growing like a weed and I think he needs a haircut but I just can’t do it!  You wouldn’t believe how blonde he is getting…I think a haircut would cut off all of the black…so sad!  We watched Bear last weekend and they played non-stop…I think Bear is around 11lbs and seems so much smaller…the same size as Ellie.  I think next time I would love litter mates…they just play and love on each other…its crazy how they remember.  I love this mix…we always get comments on our walks and poor Ellie is in the shadow (totally oblivious).  I attached a couple of pics…one of Bear and Gus and their size difference (they were impossible to take pictures of), one of all 3 playing and then one of me and my pups on mother’s day. I can’t wait to see pics of your new litter…I know they will be adorable!  You can definitely use me for a recommendation if you ever need to!  We would love to stop by…I will give you a call if we are in your area!  Thank you for everything…especially for Gus! Have a great weekend!

Lindsey & Ryan
Wichita, KS
Gus (f1b mini goldendoodle – Gabby x Buddy)

Otis, an f1b sable mini goldendoodle in his Halloween costume!I can’t believe that Hank and Otis will soon be one year old. Yes, we got litter mates. We have had 2 dogs in the past but never 2 puppies. I was pretty nervous and Tera was so sweet and professional in answering my many questions. I had questions about potty training 2 pups in the snow. She reassured me that it would probably be easier because they would go out to the same spot and want to come in quickly because they would be cold. Tera was right, potty training 2 was easy. Then I was nervous because I had read on the Internet that litter mates fight and you have to keep them separated for the first year. Hank and Otis are the best buddies. They run and play together but when it is time to snuggle they run to my husband and I. They are so lovable and cuddly. I thought I would never find a more lovable dog like my previous golden. Well we did, we found 2. It was the best thing we have ever done. Hank, an f1b black mini goldendoodle in his Halloween costume!I will tell you though that if it weren’t for Tera and her patience in listening to all my concerns and reassuring me, we never would have done it. She was real and honest and I never felt she was pressuring us to purchase a puppy let alone 2. She honestly wanted what was best for us and for her puppies. I will forever be grateful to the Mueller’s. Hank and Otis get a lot of attention on our walks. Dave and I have frequently told people about our experience with The Mueller’s. I highly recommend getting one of their pups but I always include the awesome experience in working with Tera and Kyle.

Dave & Jan
Leawood, KS
Hank & Otis (f1b mini goldendoodles – Gabby x Buddy)

Forest, an f1b phantom mini goldendoodle.Tera,
Nick and I are so happy with Forest. He’s transformed from an adorable puppy into a great dog. Forest seems to be full grown now, weighing in at around 23 pounds. He’s completely potty trained, and knows several tricks and commands. Forest loves to cuddle and gets along with other dogs and people. He doesn’t bother Nick’s allergies so we’ve recommended this breed to other people with dog allergies. I’m having so much fun with this puppy that I even write a blog about him: I found it’s a fast, easy way to share my stories and photos with friends and family. I hope Forests’ littermates and their families are doing well!

Calli & Nick
North Kansas City, MO
Forest (f1b mini goldendoodle – Gabby x Buddy)

Bearon, an f1b red mini goldendoodle.Hi Tera,
Here is an updated picture of Bearon.  He is a fantastic dog and we love him very much.  He is house and crate trained although he still has a few accidents sometimes but he is still a baby.  He absolutely loves snow!  Whenever it snow outside, all he wants to do is go out with the kids and play.  Sometimes he will put his nose into the snow, then when he looks up at you he looks like Santa! Bearon has a few quirks too.  He won’t go outside to use the bathroom unless he takes something with him.  It could be a pig ear, his kong, or one of his toys, he has to go out with one of those.  He also likes to perch 🙂  He likes to sit on the arm of the couch and sleep.  We also have a garden tub that has a step on it.  He will sit up there while we are taking a shower and wait for us to be done.  I always tease and say he is part cat. Thanks again for sending us a wonderful dog!

Hope your holidays were happy and take care,

Karol & Steve
Bradford, OH
Bearon (f1b mini goldendoodle, Gabby x Buddy)

Jolie, an f1b cream mini goldendoodle.Hi Tera!
Hope all is well with you and your family.  The new goldendoodle pups are so adorable.  Wish we were in a position to get another one now!  Jolie is doing great.  She has the sweetest temperment (I’ve never heard growl!).  She loves to play with Ryan and when it’s time to calm down, she’s right in my lap or one of the kids.  She finished her basic training last month and did a great job.  You can tell she’s very intelligent!  Ryan is going to sign her up for the next class which is more of an agility training.  I think she’ll really enjoy that since she’s so playful.  She weighs 19 lbs, which is a perfect size!

I’ve attached some of the most recent photos of her.  Thanks for everything…you gave us an absolute joy for our family.  She is loved very much!

Michelle & Ryan
North Kansas City, MO
Jolie (f1b mini goldendoodle, Gabby x Buddy)