Australian labradoodles and goldendoodles are well known for being the perfect companion breed as well as therapy breed. The most common two questions I receive concerning Australian labradoodles and goldendoodles are:

What’s the difference between Australian labradoodles and goldendoodles? And, What’s the difference between male and female?

1. What’s the difference between Australian labradoodles and goldendoodles?
My experience is that Australian Labradoodles are better for those with severe allergies. Goldendoodles are not as developed in terms of multiple generations. My Australian labradoodles do not have a pure bred lab in their pedigree for 7+ generations, they’re labradoodle to labradoodle breedings, thus the term multigen Australian Labradoodle. Goldendoodles are a newer breed and are most often fairly early generations such as f1, f1b or f2b. All of our parent dogs are f1b or f2b. So their puppies are considered multigen rather than calling them f3, f4, etc. Most of my ¬†Australian labradoodles are f6 or greater generations as far as distance from the shedding retriever breeds. Our Austalian labradoodles come in a larger variety of colors than our goldendoodles. Though there are other breeders that offer goldendoodles in a wider variety of colors.

2. What’s the difference between male and female?
Not a whole lot since they’re spayed or neutered. All our puppies are desexed before joining their forever families. In doing that you don’t have males developing the tendency to hike when peeing or humping and are less likely to develop testicular cancer. Females are less likely to develop mammary, uterine, and ovarian cancers. I hands down prefer a male as a pet over females, it’s just my personal preferences, but if I weren’t a breeder I would own males over females every time. Females tend to be similar to women, they can be a bit more irritable or moody. Males are just “one of the guys”, go with the flow, happy go lucky, etc

Australian labradoodles and goldendoodles are very smart and quick to learn. We have a great deal of Australian labradoodles and goldendoodles that are service dogs for those with seizure disorders and anxiety disorders. Some of our Australian labradoodles and goldendoodles play vital roles in family therapy, nursing homes, hospice facilities, and Veteran’s hospitals working with soldier’s dealing with PTSD. However, they require training to learn their job as well as acceptable behaviors. They are easily motivated and strive to please. If you choose not to take obedience classes and train your dog to be a function, well behaved dog then you have created a monster and your dog will embarrass you and will disobey just like any toddler would! Remember you are the problem, not the dog, you have allowed those behaviors to exist and progress. You are the parent, you must invest time and energy in training a dog. If you cannot invest the time or the money to take obedience classes please do not adopt an Australian Labradoodle or Goldendoodle from us.