Tinkle Bells

Tinkle Bells by Bella

Tinkle Bells are handmade puppy potty training bells made by our daughter Bella. Bella uses a variety of colors of paracord, ordered from Paracord Planet, which is MADE IN THE USA! She tightly braids the paracord, adding three nickel plated sleigh bells as she braids. The top of the Tinkle Bells have an expandable loop secured with a D ring that allows you to hang the bells from the door knob. The end of the bells is burned and the ends of the paracord are melted together to prevent fraying. Bella uses the profits from her Tinkle Bells to purchase additional materials to reinvest in her product as we feel it’s important for our children to learn the value of money and earning their own money. Bella sells her Tinkle Bells for $10 each.