Health Tested Parents for Healthier Puppies

Health Tested Parents for Healthier Puppies

Health tested parents and genetic health testing are a priority for Blessed Day Doodles. Genetic diseases are prevalent in every breed. X-rays and veterinary exams are the only way to determine a dogs structure health. DNA testing gives us information on genetic diseases.

Hip Dysplasia

A board certified veterinary radiologist grades our sires and dams hip x-rays. They are graded on the scale developed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: Excellent, Good, Fair, Borderline, Mild, Moderate and Severe. Excellent, Good and Fair are breeding quality scores. Our breeding program only includes dogs with scores of Excellent, Good and Fair, indicating the hips are Normal and breeding quality.

Elbow Dysplasia

A board certified veterinary radiologist x-rays our sires and dams elbows. Grades of Normal or Dysplastic are assigned by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Our breeding program only includes dogs with a grade of Normal, indication no dysplasia is present.

Cardiac Disease

Auscultation or echocardiogram clear our sires and dams of cardiac diseases. Our breeding program only includes dogs with a grade of Normal, indicating no abnormalities are present.

Patellar Luxation

Our sires and dams are clear of patellar luxation via veterinary manipulation. Our breeding program only includes dogs with a grade of Normal, indicating no luxation is present.

Canine Eye Disease

A board certified canine ophthalmologist examines our sires and dam’s eyes. Dilation and eye exam are necessary to rule out heritable eye diseases such as cataracts. Our breeding program only includes dogs with passing eye exams based on the Companion Animal Eye Registry requirements.

Canine Artificial Insemination

Responsible breeding is more than just throwing two dogs together. In addition to passing health testing, the temperament if our dogs is equally important. Pairing two stellar parents is always our goal, two dogs who compliment each other, to produce pups with the great qualities of both parents. When a breeder doesn’t own a compatible male for their female it’s not uncommon for them to seek out a stud from another breeding program to pair with their female. In this case we had the opportunity to bring in new lines and the amazing temperament of an outside boy from another breeder, Melissa Farmer, at Farmer Doodles in Ohio.

We are in Missouri….so to accomplish this it takes quite a few people working together on a very tight schedule! Dogs require progesterone testing to determine where they are at in their cycle to know right when they’re ovulating. (If doing a natural breeding, a male will know when that window is.) But when you’re doing a breeding from states away and using artificial insemination you have to know when the best time is to inseminate the female. The semen of the male was shipped the day before it was ideal to inseminated Holland, the mom of the litter. It’s shipped FedEx overnight and we then we drive the two hours to Columbia to MU to the amazing reproductive vets there. Holland was inseminated on a Saturday. It’s ideal to inseminate twice as it increases the chances of a pregnancy. FedEx is closed on Sunday so semen was collected and overnighted again on Monday and Holland was inseminated again on a Tuesday. Not quite 9 weeks later Holland welcomed 10 precious babies from an artificial insemination! That hectic 8 days of progesterone testing and driving 4 hrs round trip, twice in 4 days was worth these cutie pies! Meet Holland and Kaneki’s Multigen Medium Goldendoodles, “The Campfire Litter”. 

Our Breeding Program

We have been breeding Australian Labradoodles and mini goldendoodles since January 2005. Our breeding dogs live in guardian homes, not a kennel situation, and are part of a family. Our breeding dogs pass extensive health testing and our puppies are born in our home and handled from day one. We have five children from age 2-12 yrs old and they are fully involved with socializing the puppies. Our Australian Labradoodles and goldendoodles are great with children, cats, dogs, and we have had a lot of success with allergy sufferers being able to have our labradoodles and goldendoodles with no reactions. We are thrilled to be able to share how our program works and are happy to answer any questions you have about us and our doodles.

Color Genetics Info

The Value of Genetics

I’ve become absolutely intrigued by genetics in breeding. There’s so much more than just putting two dogs together that comes with breeding. I can generally determine what colors of patterns I will get in a litter because I know what genes the parents carry. Some colors are dominant and others are recessive. Black is a default color. If both parents don’t carry for common colors the default is black. You have to know what your dogs carry or you end up with a bunch of black puppies and for some weird reason black puppies are hard to sell, personally they’re my favorite color, the coat mats less than the other colors because the pigment is different and their coats are so soft and shiny!

Just some basic genetics info for beginners:

Parti markings can only be achieved if both parents carry parti gene.  (White with colored patches on the body).

Merle markings can only be achieved if one parent is a merle and it can be DEADLY to breed two merles to each other as they can produce puppies that can be blind, deaf or even deformed. The merle gene is very complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. A dog can be a merle but not show the speckled pattern too, they’re called a cryptic merle. They’re called cryptic because only black and chocolate coats can show the merling but if a dog is of the red, apricot, cream shades they’re too light to show the speckling and it isn’t visible so they can hide it. If someone was uniformed and didn’t check the background on their dogs they could accidentally breed a cryptic merle to a merle and end up with a lot of sadness on their hands. Sometimes a cryptic merle will show it’s merling in an eye so one who knows how the gene works will know that’s what it means but not all merles have blue eyes so it’s something that can only be detected by a DNA test.

Keira is clearly a merle. The male below is a cryptic merle,
He’s caramel and his merling is only known because of DNA testing. 

Phantom markings (like a Doberman, black or chocolate with tan/cream points) must be carried by both parents.
Hero, a black and cream phantom labradoodle. Patriot, a chocolate and tan phantom male labradoodle.

Cream coloring must be carried by both parents.

Chocolate color must be carried by both parents.

Black is the only color that doesn’t have to be carried by both parents for it to be expressed, it’s default.

If I breed two dogs together that have liver noses (non-black) it is impossible to produce any pups with black noses. All pups will have liver noses and have chocolate and various shades of caramel coats.
Homer, a beige & white parti, is going to Prairie Village, KS to be loved by Josh & Paige!

If I breed a parti colored dog to a noncarrying parti dog I will not get any parti colored puppies even though a parent is a parti because it’s a recessive gene and both parents must carry it for it to be achieved. Many pups in a parti factored litter will have white mismarks on their feet, chest, tail, head, but never will you get a full parti if only one parent carries it.

Blessed Day Doodles Hallmark Photo Shoot

We were thrilled to be able to have our puppies participate in a photo shoot at Hallmark Cards. They wanted to do a “dog family in bed together” shoot so they needed a litter of puppies along with the mom and dad. Kylie and Salvy had 3 puppies on Nov 29th. Now at 7 weeks old they’re all over the place but it was a lot of fun and they took hundreds of pictures. Thanks to Photoshop they should be able to put a final product together. We hope to hear from them in a few months regarding the final product!

They worked with each dog/puppy individually as to minimize distraction. Kylie was amazing! She was motivated by the treats and was very chill, they got lots of good shots of her. Salvy on the other hand was a bit of a pill! He isn’t one to sit still for long but with patience and a few breaks between attempts they got some pics of him. The puppies were great! They were so funny and entertained everyone. They were intrigued by the sound of the camera which they kept hearing from overhead! The stage ladies were amazing at getting their attention. They used a feather on the end of a stick to get them to look in certain directions, I’m going to steal that trick for my own photo session with the pups!

Daddy Salvy posing. He is such a handsome guy!
Kylo and the stage ladies determining how to get him to lay down with the blankets over him.
Kylie being so good. She was so well behaved and photogenic. She loved the treats!
Phasma trying to figure out where the clicking sound from the camera is coming from.










While they were taking pics of Salvy and Kylie the assistants took the puppies out to a long hallway to play in hopes of wearing them out before their pictures. Reesie Rey wanted to be held the entire time, not surprisingly, and there was no shortage of people to oblige her. Phasma played and played and pulled the potty pad around lol! Kylo played but enjoyed some snuggles too. They were pretty popular.

Reesie Rey loves being cradled….majorly spoiled!
Kylo getting some cuddles and some Hallmark employees taking pics of him.
Phasma had a great time pulling the potty pad up and down the hallway!
Phasma stood still for a second for me to take this pic!








I was impressed with their set up and preparation for the puppies! They had a puppy play pen set up so they had a carpeted area to lay on and potty pads to pee on so everyone stayed nice and clean for the pictures.

Kylie cuddling with Kyle.
Kylo in the puppy play pen.
Reesie in the play pen.
Puppies playing around.







We should know in a couple months what capacity the photos will be used in. They could be cards, stationary, stickers, whatever! We can’t wait to see the final product! Look for a cute little bed with doodles in it coming to a card store near you!

Hallmark Fam Pic
Our human family with Salvy and Kylie and their goldendoodle family.
Momma Kylie and Daddy Salvy.
Phasma, Reesie Rey, and Kylo
The doodle family bed for the shoot.



VIDEO: Puppies Playing Outside for the First Time

The puppies have had their first vaccination and it’s had time to get into their system so they got to play outside this weekend!! They had so much fun romping in the grass and running around.

VIDEO: Kayden’s Mini Goldendoodles at 7.5 weeks

Kayden’s mini goldendoodles, Zane, Zayden, and Zeva are still available. They’re so stinkin’ cute and full of personality. Zelda has been adopted by Dawn and Wes and Zadie has been adopted by Janna and Grayson. Kylie (formerly Zola) will be joining a wonderful guardian home where we hope to add her to our breeding program in a couple years if she passes health testing. We know they’ll all be so loved in their new homes and we look forward to updates from their families and the joy they bring them. Visit the Goldendoodle Puppies page for more info on Zane, Zayden, and Zeva’s temperament info. They’ve been raised with our 2, 4, and 7 yr olds from birth so they’ve been well socialized and handled and are used to children, adults, and other dogs.