VIDEO: Puppies Playing Outside for the First Time

The puppies have had their first vaccination and it’s had time to get into their system so they got to play outside this weekend!! They had so much fun romping in the grass and running around.

VIDEO: Ellie’s Double Doodle Puppies at 3 weeks old

Ellie’s Double Doodles are three weeks old now and just getting active. Chase, the only boy is the biggest. Sophia is the smallest. Rose is the cream girl, and Dorothy and Blanche are the phantom girls. We are excited for the next couple weeks as their personalities begin to emerge.

VIDEO: Miley’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 3.5 weeks

The “Happy Days” Litter is getting active and beginning to show a bit of personality and playfulness. Joanie, Jenny, Lori-Beth, Chachi, Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and Richie and eating canned food and will move to softened food over the next couple weeks and finally to dry once their teeth are completely in around 6-7 weeks. We are excited about these little sweeties and know they’ll have great temperaments like their mom, dad, and older siblings.

Gabby’s Double Doodle Puppies at 7 weeks

These guys are go, go, go all the time! They’re so funny and social. No one knows a stranger, they’re just super outgoing and playful, even with cats! They love their toys and each of them will come home with one of the sets of Nylabone keys and the squeaky bear blanket to keep so they have their littermates scents during their adjustment periods in their new homes.

PS – Sorry for all the little people chatter! They love Home Alone so my son is chanting “I’m living alone!” at the end of the video, lol!

Gabby’s Double Doodle Puppies at almost 6 weeks

These little clowns are always on the move! They’re so full of energy and love, always licking and kissing, cuddling and chewing, just playful little fur balls. Cruiser is curious and usually finds a way out of the play area, Cassin is always checking out something new, and loves the shoe pile! Pearl is an explorer and is a confident little girl. Harbor is a HUGE momma’s boy, very loyal and wants to be with his people all the time. Raleigh and Franklin are very similar, they explore for a bit but come back to their human quickly to check in, they don’t like to stray far and are cuddlers.

Ruby’s Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 5 weeks

Ruby’s 12-12-12 litter is now 5 weeks old! They’re so adorable! Twinkle, Twilight, Twain, and Twix are finding homes and only Twix remains available. Their personalities are emerging and they’re getting more and more confident and playful. They love to explore. Twinkle likes to bat and is a kisser, Twilight is vocal and talks a lot, Twain is the biggest and curious, Twix is an explorer and a cuddler.

Libby’s Medium Australian Labradoodle Puppies at 6.5 weeks – VIDEO

Libby’s sweeties are almost 7 weeks old now. They’re super playful and loving. Very, very social guys, don’t know a stranger, and love kids, adults, other dogs, and even cats, anything that will play with them. Their curls are really starting to pop up and they all have gorgeous fleecy nonshedding coats. Georgia is the biggest and will probably weigh in the upper 20’s to 30 lbs, Dakota will probably be around 25 and Colorado in the upper 20’s. Enjoy these cuties!

Libby’s Medium Australian Labradoodle Puppies VIDEO at 2.5 weeks

Libby’s sweeties are just starting to move around and find their voice. Georgia is the only girl and her three bros are Utah, Colorado, and Dakota. They’re all so snuggly and I just love their puppy breath! They love to give kisses and sleep in the crook of my arm. They like to bark and growl at each other since they have just learned how! If you’re looking for a small medium size Australian labradoodle ready in November these cuties might be a good match!

Miley’s Mini Australian Labradoodle Puppies VIDEO at 7 weeks

Miley’s sweeties are really starting to grow! These guys are true mini’s maturing in the upper teens to very low 20’s, and Emily possibly around 15 lbs as she’s just a tiny peanut. Right now Chandler, Ross, Emma, Emily, and Phoebe are still available. All 3 girls have curlier fleece coats and the boys have wavy fleece coats. I think Ross is so darn cute! And  Emma, all of them really! Emily is a feisty girl, the smallest but holds her own for sure! Ross is mellow and chill, a cuddler. Chandler is a kid’s best friend, all about being out and doing something, very affectionate and loves his people. Emma is more mellow than Emily but still very social and active. Phoebe is a doll, I love her markings.

Maggie’s Medium Australian Labradoodle Puppies VIDEO at 7 weeks

All of Maggie’s sweeties have homes except Faith. She’s a sweet girl, very outgoing, and social, the life of the party! She loves playing with other dogs and her toys, she’s great with kids too and is all about checking things out. She’s a curious girl and not a shy bone in her body! They’re all so darn cute though!!