Our Policies

Visitor’s Policy
Visitors are welcome to visit our home and the puppies at 7 wks of age ONLY IF they have placed a NONREFUNDABLE deposit to reserve a puppy. Visitors are allowed to visit the puppies without placing a deposit, but not until the puppies are at least 7 weeks of age and have had their first puppy vaccination. Often times there may not be any puppies still available in the litter at 7 weeks so we recommend placing a deposit to reserve a puppy as they tend to go fast.
We require you place a deposit on a puppy before visiting because many families will do what we call “puppy shop” and go from one place to another handling puppies.  Parvovirus is transferred through the contact of fecal matter from an infected dog.  It can be carried in on your clothing, shoes, hands, and even vehicle tires.  We do not want visitors coming to hold and play with our puppies after visiting other facilities and holding other puppies that could possibly be infected with Parvo.  Parvo is extremely harmful and most often deadly to puppies under 1 year of age rather treated or untreated.  Once a puppy/dog has contracted the virus it has a 50/50 chance of survival following treatment (this information was found at https://www.caninejournal.com/parvo-in-dogs/.  Please follow the hyperlink to learn more about parvovirus and the symptoms and treatment methods.)  We have heard of many breeders who have lost entire litters due to this horrible disease and it’s a risk we are not willing to take.  It would also be irresponsible of us as breeders to allow people to come to hold and play with our puppies and possibly infect puppies that have already been sold to the families on our waiting list. Just imagine, you come out at 6 weeks and pick out your puppy, then the XYZ family comes out without placing a deposit, handles the litter mates of your puppy of which end up infected with Parvo….the entire litter then gets Parvo and your puppy dies….it’s bad news all the way around.

We require the puppies be 7 weeks of age before you are allowed to visit (if not placing a deposit) because by then they have had their  5 week  shot which is a life-parvo vaccine as well as a distemper vaccine at 6 weeks and another parvo vaccine at 8 weeks.  You will not be able to handle puppies that are already sold.

It is just as important if not more important to us, that our puppies are matched with the best family for them, which is why we do temperament testing to let you know who is outgoing, friendly, ornery, and active versus who is mellow and a little bit timid.  We feel that around 50-54 days of age is a good point to be able to determine these characteristics though temperament testing and pups are socially engaging and able to display various behaviors that allow us to know more about their temperament. However, all of the puppies continue to develop even more personality traits as they mature and are exposed to different environments and lifestyles.

You would be hard pressed to find a responsible breeder that allows anyone and everyone to visit – and if they do you should be concerned for the health of their puppies.


Alternatives to Visiting Us
We understand your desire to visit the puppies before making a decision but we cannot compromise their health.  However, we would be happy to provide you with references of those who have previously visited our facility and purchased a puppy or puppies from us.  They can tell you about our puppies and how they’re raised during their time with us, about us as breeders, and how happy they are with their puppy.  You can also visit those that own labradoodles and goldendoodles from us to see if a doodle breed is something you are interested in. We reply to email frequently and post pictures of the puppies on our Blessed Day Doodles Facebook page on a bi-weekly basis.

Extended Stay

Rarely do we keep puppies after their go home date. We schedule pick-ups as a group so the entire litter leaves at the same time. If your puppy has to stay with us past the weekend of their ready date there is an additional boarding and socialization charge. If any vaccinations are needed during their stay with us those are included in the weekly boarding fee.  Deworming will be done free of charge.  If your puppy is with us past 12 weeks of age and is being shipped, the airlines require a rabies vaccination – this shot can only be done by a licensed veterinarian and is $20.


Picking Up Your Puppy
Puppy pick up is generally the Friday evening after their 9 week birthday at 6:00pm. We too have children and are busy with sports and other activities and reserve the weekend for time with our family. The pick up date is posted on our website when the puppies are born so it is assume you will be making the pick up date and time. Please select a puppy from a litter who’s pick up date will work with your schedule. We go to a great deal of planning for our puppy pick up so that all questions are answered, we have a trainer that does a session and answers all obedience and general training questions, etc. Even if you have had a dog before and trained it and potty trained, etc, we still ask that you make it a priority to attend the pick up session. We go over the vaccination record, grooming, etc. 

Prior to picking up your puppy you should not play with or visit other dogs/puppies that don’t already belong to you.  These dogs could be exposed or infected with Parvo and will increase your puppy’s chance of exposure.