Puppy Supplies

These are a few things you should have before you bring your new puppy home….

Dog food is probably the most important choice you will make for your dogs health, please educate yourself!

Contrary to most veterinarians clinics, Science Diet is a horrible, horrible food. It’s full of corn and low quality ingredients – vet’s recommend Science Diet because they get “kick-backs” or $ off selling the food! It’s not about what’s best for your dog it’s about making some more $! There are numerous websites that offer reviews of what is really in the dog food.  A couple are www.dogfoodadvisor.com and www.rateitall.com then search for dog food reviews. I used to feed and recommend Taste of the Wild, Innova, Evo, or Wellness, however, they’ve now been outsourced by their manufacture and are now manufactured by Diamond which has had numerous dog food recalls of which have resulted in many dogs deaths. I refuse to feed anything processed by Diamond. I DO NOT recommend Eukanuba, Iams, Ol’ Roy, Science Diet, Nutro, or other highly marketed foods, just read the ingredients, you’ll see why! The top 5 ingredients are the most important ingredients in the food, there should be NO-byproducts or corn and all of latter brands include one or both in the first 5 ingredients.

  • ****We feed Earthborn – Earthborn Food Locator There are a number of foods available by this fabulous company, we feed the Earthborn Primitive Naturals formula to your puppy. As your puppy matures feel free to let them try out the other Earthborn foods, just to switch it up and give them a break from the same ole’ food day in and day out. Earthborn is “biologically appropriate” meaning dogs are carnivores, they don’t eat corn and rice, both are simply fillers! Earthborn has no corn or grains! You know what corn does to us as humans… well it does the same thing to dogs – goes straight through them so any food that has corn in it causes the dog to poop more but they poop less on Earthborn because it has no corn and high quality ingredients that their body can use. There are also no by-products (beaks, feet, parts, etc) in the food.  If you choose not to use Earthbron we ask that you really check out the food you intend to feed. There are other quality foods such as Acana, Orijen, Fromm’s, and you might even consider a raw food formula. There are many benefits to raw diets and I strongly encourage it for those who choose to go that route.
  • NuVet Vitamins – Click to find out more about NuVet . We RECOMMEND  but do not REQUIRE you to use NuVet vitamins. We use them on our own dogs and know there are multiple benefits to using them. While we as humans try to eat good and intake vitamins through our food we don’t always get all the vitamins we need, thus we take a daily vitamin…well not surprisingly the same is true for dogs, and even more so necessary as we are able to vary our foods daily and from meal to meal, well dogs, not so much! They eat the same food every day, day in and day out. It’s not a bad idea to vary your dog food formula, such as mentioned above in the info about dog food. But it’s still a good idea to add extra all natural vitamins and minerals to your dogs diet to boost their health and joints. NuVet is also known for helping with the following issues:

* Allergies
* Skin and Coat Problems
* Scratching, Itching, Biting
* Hot Spots
* Arthritis and Joint Problems
* Premature Aging
* Low Energy Levels
* Diabetes and Liver Problems
* Cataracts and Tumors
* Digestive Problems
* Tearing
* Heart Disease

Click here to ORDER NuVet

  • Brush – slicker brush, easily removes mats and has short wire bristles.
  • Puppy Shampoo (check the back, many say not to use if they’re under 12 weeks.  You can use a basic Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo until they’re 12 weeks or even something like Dove Body Wash, just keep all away from their eyes.)
  • Soft Treats for Training (about the size of a piece of food kibble or dime size is best, just reward them right after they potty with a treat, that way they know what they’re doing that’s so good and will know what they’re being praised for.)
  • Chew toys (Kongs are great, bully sticks or all natural chews)
  • Balls for Playing Fetch (mini or regular size tennis balls)
  • A Crate – if you aren’t having your puppy shipped to you, you will need to purchase a crate.  If you are having your puppy shipped to you the crate they’re being shipped in will fit them for a while but eventually you’ll have to upsize.  A wire one works well because they can see out and some even have a divider in them which you can adjust as the puppy grows.  For a dog that will mature in the 40+ range a 26h x 24d x 36w crate will last them forever and give them plenty of room, it has a divider you can use when they’re little and then remove as they grow.
  • Washable Bedding for the Crate – a couple cheap fleece blankets work well as does a couple towels.  Once they’re older and you don’t have pottying concerns a doggy bed is good.
  • A Stuffed Animal for Inside the Crate. ( Helps the puppies sleep better the first few nights, we will also send a towel or small blanket with the puppy’s litter mates and mommy’s smell on it, it won’t be the cleanest by any means but it will be a familiar item for the puppy.)
  • A Leash and Collar. A Collar that will go as small as 9 or 10″ and expands, usually works for the puppies.