Pick-Up & Shipping

Local Pick-up
We will not allow our puppies to leave us until 8-9 weeks of age.  Most puppies are ready and able to be picked up at 9 weeks of age but there are those smaller ones on occasion that require another week or so. We want to make sure they are eating plenty and growing well before leaving us so if we feel a smaller puppy needs to stay behind an extra week or two please understand it is for the health and wellness of your puppy. If you need us to hold your puppy past the weekend following it’s 9 week birthday due to your schedule there is an extra charge which does include any vaccinations and dewormings due during the period they are with us.

Shipping Process
Due to new regulations we are no longer allowed to ship puppies via cargo. We are happy to meet you at the airport for free if you fly here to pick up your puppy. The price of flying here is probably close to the same or not much more than the price of shipping cargo at $350-400 including a crate depending on the airline. Of course booking well in advance will allow cheaper ticket prices.