Stargazer’s Sparkling Tessa Lyn

Tessa is a rare blue merle Australian labradoodle! Is she not the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen? We love her unique coloring (much like an Australian Shepherd). Merle puppies are only born from merle parents so we are excited about the merle puppies Tessa will have! She’s a very mellow, laid back, easy going girl.  She likes to lay on the back of her family’s couch like a cat! Tessa has produced many therapy dogs of which include one working in a veteran’s hospital with soldiers suffering with PTSD, another serving in a group home, and another working in a nursing home. A puppy from her most recent litter will be working to be certified to visit hospice facilities with his owner who is a hospice nurse. Tessa lives with a sweet guardian family that also has a mildly autistic child.

Health Testing
OFA Dr Wallace Hips: Good
Penn Hip: 80% no Degenerative Joint Disease
OFA Dr. Wallace Elbow: Normal
OFA Patella: Normal
VwD: Clear
PRA (Eye): Clear