PBD’s Holland’s Pitchin’ a Royal Win

Holland is an f2b goldendoodle. She will be a momma to our multigen goldendoodles. Holland lives in a guardian home with her Australian Labradoodle brother Finnegan. Finnegan and Holland were the result of a promise from their human dad to their human mom that if the Kansas City Royal’s made it to the World Series she could get a doodle. He made this promise during the regular season 2014, though I’m not sure he really thought it would happen! But it did, after 29 years, we went to the World Series, we lost in game 7 and came back in 2015 and won it all! Anyhow, Finnegan is named after pitcher Brandon Finnegan and Holland after pitcher Greg Holland! Go Royals!


Health Scores
Hips (Evet): Good
Elbows (Evet): Normal
OFA Patella: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
OFA Eye: Normal
IC: Clear