About Us

Family PicWe are a Christian, God-fearing, doodle loving, home-schooling family of 5. We live on 5 1/2 acres which is all fenced for our doodles to run and play on. Our dogs live in our home and are first and foremost our pets. It’s not likely you will get a chance to sit down on the couch without having to scoot a doodle over to make room or having one curled up on your lap! Our dogs are members of our family, vacations are non-existent as we are often busy with puppies or can’t bear to be away from our dogs for more than a weekend trip to Branson! Our dogs don’t live in kennel buildings away from us and our home, they eat, sleep, and play in our home. They get Christmas presents and weekly treats and chews when we go to the store. We feel very blessed to have the chance to share the labradoodle and goldendoodle breeds with others families through our precious puppies. We take our job of breeding doodles very seriously and strive to produce healthy, happy, hand raised, well socialized, kid-tested, and even tempered doodle puppies.

We began breeding labradors in 2003 which is a family breed in my husband Kyle’s family. He is a third generation breeder as his parents and grandparents have been breeding and raising AKC Champion labs for nearly 3 decades. After a few litters of labs we heard about the labradoodle. We did extensive research and visited with our vet regarding the health benefits and hybrid vigor of this breed and decided to have a litter from our health screened lab and poodle in 2004. Once the litter arrived their hybrid vigor was plainly clear and we knew there was no going back to purebred labs. We have since added a few children and a couple more doodles to our program!

Bella 1Our 8 year old daughter, Bella, is our is my assistant in so many ways. She’s very involved with the puppies, usually at my side during deliveries, helping the puppies begin nursing, handling and socializing, helping her dad with the daily feeding chores and poop scooping! She’s not afraid to get dirty and know’s “who’s who” in the litter by name better than daddy! She really get attached to the puppies and as she’s gotten older, she’s gotten better at being ok with them leaving and she enjoys seeing the pictures families send us through email and on Facebook.

FinneganOur 5 yr old son, Finnegan, is the puppy entertainer! He runs and they follow, it works out great for us as they tucker each other out! He and Piper Jane, one of our retired Australian labradoodle girls, are inseparable! It’s not unusual to see Finn pushing his big Tonka dump truck with a puppy riding in the back! Thanks to Finn your puppy will also be accustomed to loud noises, balls, and riding in and being around 4 wheeled vehicles.

Our 3 yr old daughter is in love with the puppies. When she was little, every Irelynanimal she saw was a puppy, rather it was a sea gull or a kitty…they were all a “puppy!” as far as she was concerned. She carries the puppies around, plays tug-o-war with them, and makes them play “house” and play the role of her dog!